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The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Reimbursement Online Community is an interactive portal that offers Academy members a space to network and share ideas, and practice management tips related to coverage and reimbursement for MNT services. It also provides a venue for exchanging best practices to help advance coverage of nutrition services with health plans, employers and third party payers. For the protection and benefit of the Academy's members, Dietetic Practice Groups and the organization, the Academy prohibits members from discussing fees or exchanging fee information on the Online Community.
Join the Reimbursement Online Community at
www.eatright.org/members/reimbcomm ]


The Connecticut Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Reimbursement Representative and Committee serve as a local resource for CT Academy members who have questions about reimbursement issues. They support coding and coverage issues on the local level by initiating or helping advance members' coverage activities with third party payers or other decision makers. You may contact the CT Academy Reimbursement Representative by email with any questions or to join the Committee at


Connecticut ACADEMY

Reimbursement Committee

CT Academy Reimbursement Committee meets with Medical Director for Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of CT. LEARN MORE...


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Rhode Island CT Academy Reimbursement Committee members meet in Charlestown, Rhode Island for a fun summer meeting! Details here... 




Medicare enrollment instructions, fee schedules, benefit details, and additional regulatory resources at

The monthly MNT Provider newsletter that includes Medicare updates, private practice tips and RD perspectives, frequently asked questions and more at

MNT Advocacy - updated Third-Party Payer Brochure
The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics released a 2012 revision of its third-party payer brochure. With an updated look, new cost-effectiveness information and outcomes data, this valuable resource will assist you in promoting the value of your services as you expand services or negotiate your individual contracts. The brochure may be downloaded at
www.eatright.org/coverage (click on Expanding Coverage)

Advocacy tools to expand coverage, such as the MNT Works Kit, MNT effectiveness data, and workshop information at

Practice management webinars and private insurance information, including coverage details, credentialing information, and business management tools and forms at

New and revised MNT Evidence-Based Nutrition Practice Guidelines on the Academy's Evidence Analysis Library at